[align=left]The Battle for Rome is a game where eventually hundreds of citizens, each with their own individual free will and lives,
affect your city-building decisions and your ability to build and rule an empire. Create an empire by providing for your people,
and make your mark on history. From hunter-gatherers to immortal civilization. The Battle for Rome is the first and only strategy
game where citizens, who behave like living, independent beings, are your primary resource. The fate of civilization is in your hands-
-you must balance your own ambition with your people's needs. The monuments you ask them to build are a testament to the prestige
you have among your people. So if you like to start something diferent then a mafia, gangster or fantasy game, choose this product to
setup a complet site game like Travian or age of empires in Roman style in a few minutes for only ERO15. Check our free demo to
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Size : 25 MB

complete : 98%

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